Since the beginning, we see elements of nature as a starting point for creation. A man, who’s passion drives each one at Vrisa to take on this entrepreneurial venture ! Always fantasizing over nature’s elements, the romantic world around us & showing us a feminine and delicate nature, reflecting in all the work done here at Vrisa, Rahul serves the aesthetic purpose that has always been breathing to see beauty making visible in all his designs. Aficionados with energy, investing himself in a dream of his own, VRISA was born . 

Behind every design to every Print to how it is going to be made is this one-person team for a handful of reasons. 

The master of understanding understated aesthetics & bringing out their modernism visioned with his own artistry. His Recognition of the character of Art & history with his own true elements makes his zest unique.

From the warp and tap of a fabric to the way it twists, unfolds and moulds the body through the entire journey of exploration, Shikha  has given every design a reason, every print to share a bond with the other. True to the spirit of the Brand, she aims to transfer the daring and strength of each brushstroke in here.

Bringing Magical insights for over ten years & celebrating cultural and traditional methods of embroidery Vrisa has risen by the “Significant Two” from the purity of an emotion like a joy of love born from the heart.